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  • 2023/08: Has Covid vaccination success increased our marginal willingness to pay taxes?

    José María Durán-Cabré, Alejandro Esteller-Moré, Leonzio Rizzo, Riccardo Secomandi

    The Covid-19 vaccination campaign can be regarded as a public-sector success story. Given the shock caused by the pandemic, the visible and successful response of the public authorities regarding vaccination might have elicited an increase in the public’s trust. The present paper tests whether the vaccination process has increased the...

    2023/07: Spillover effects and regional determinants in the Ecuadorian clean-cooking program: A spatiotemporal econometric analysis

    Moisés Obaco, Daniel Davi-Arderius, Nicola Pontarollo

    Developing countries are making great efforts to electrify residences to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and deal with climate change. In 2014, Ecuador launched a clean-cooking program known as the Programa de Cocción Eficiente (PCE) aimed at replacing liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)-fired cookstoves and LPG-fired boilers with electric devices. Using...

    Pobreza energética: Ecosistema de agentes para combatirla mediante intervenciones de proximidad

    María Teresa Costa-Campi (directora), Álvaro Choi de Mendizábal, Elisenda Jové-Llopis, Elisa Trujillo-Baute

    La pobreza energética es aquella situación en la que los hogares no pueden acceder a servicios energéticos adecuados y suficientes para el desempeño de una vida digna. En 2022, el 9,3% de la población europea declaró tener problemas para mantener su hogar a una temperatura adecuada mientras que el 6,9%...

    2023/06: Issue brief: college students’ social capital and their perceptions of local and national cohesion

    Nuria Rodriguez-Planas, Alan Secor

    Using Queens College (a four-year college in NYC public system) students' survey data from 2022/23, we find that vulnerable students have less social capital in terms of physical order and social support in their neighborhoods. While social capital is directly related to self-reported neighborhood and national cohesion, resilience, and better...

    IEB Report 1/2023: Soccer & Economics

    Soccer & Economics

    If you read sports newspapers and commentary, you could be forgiven for believing that major sporting events are always a great idea for the organising city and country, that it is obviously necessary to fire the manager when a team is underperforming, or that the team that shoots first in...

    2023/05: Real estate prices and land use regulations: Evidence from the law of heights in Bogotá

    Diego Buitrago-Mora, Miquel-Àngel Garcia-López

    Between 2015 and 2017, the Law of Heights (Policy-562) regulated areas of urban renewal in specific locations of Bogotá (Colombia). Using a novel dataset based on detailed information at the block level between 2008 and 2017, we study whether this policy affected real estate prices. Our empirical strategy compares the...